Special-purpose coater




The 2P1300M roll-to-roll coater is a unique Sidrabe-developed design for coating highly porous and netted webs.  The processed materials are used as batteries elements and in medicine.


Engineering and Technology


The coater is intended for single and double-sided nickel and copper deposition applying DC magnetron sputtering. Other metals can also be deposited.

Coating is deposited on the free web span in four deposition zones (two zones per each web side). The required coating thickness is obtained during several runs using reverse winding. Vertical substrate feeding ensures particle-free deposition surface.

The two-compartment chamber design with separate pumping ensures the necessary pressure difference between the winding and deposition zones.

Specific winding system ensures low and smooth tension force profile for transportation of deformation- and heating-sensitive materials without stretching and wrinkling.

Cooling zone is arranged after each deposition zone in order to ensure effective heat removal from the substrate.  

The pumping system is based on oil diffusion pumps.

The control system ensures fully automated process.


Data Sheet


Substrate: porous polymer webs (porosity up to 90%) and netted webs

Substrate width: up to 1300 mm

Substrate thickness: 1.6 ... 2.0 mm

Number of compartments: 2 pcs.

Coating: Ni, Cu, other metals

Weight of deposited metal: 1 ... 5 g/m2

DC planar magnetrons: 4 pcs.

Winding speed: 0.5 ... 5.0 m/min

Maximum roll diameter: 800 mm

Floor space requirement (L x W x H): 12.0 x 8.0 x 3.6 m

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